01/01/2022 – 31/07/2024

KEYS! – From Migrant Education to VET – Developing Key Competences

The main aim of the project is to explore the current challenges in the field of migrant education. There is a need of sharing awareness of the importance of key competences among education providers, making them visible and giving tools to develop them in education. This in order to enable smooth transitions from integration training/language to VET. It is extremely important that all migrant learners have the possibility to long career, lifelong-learning, sustainable employment, and social inclusion.


– Increasing the number of migrants entering VET and getting a VET degree by developing their key competences

–  Smoothening transition from language/integration training to VET levels 1–3

–  Increasing the employability of migrants and strengthen their social inclusion

–  Developing migrants’ key competences so that they can cope with the different work-life situations in terms of continuity of employment

–  Increasing the cooperation between language teachers, VET trainers and employers

–  Sharing awareness of the significance of the key competences

–  Sharing and implementing best practices from the participating organizations and countries

Project Results: 

The creation of a website that will contain:

– The toolkit for the teachers;

– The learning portfolio that focus on a skills matrix and documentation of existing skills and skills that learner needs to develop,

– Virtual support system for migrants that would like to enter VET or have failed in their attempts

– A guidebook of best practices and recommendations for language trainers, integration trainers, VET providers and policy makers.

The project consortium consists of partners from Cyprus (COMCY), Finland (coordinator), Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain (Centro San Viator, Calasanz Santurtzi S.L.), Germany, Slovenia and Norway.

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