01/09/2020 – 30/04/2021

Program for the development of women’s business networking

The project is implemented under the grant program “Paths of Cooperation – support for institutions implementing international cooperation” under the Operational Programme Education and Knowledge Development 2014-2020 Axis IV. Social innovation and transnational cooperation, Measure 4.3 Transnational cooperation

The project was developed as an extension of the project “A woman’s success – version II” implemented by the OIC Poland Foundation. The main objective of the project is to increase the level of entrepreneurship and professional activity of the residents of Lublin in Poland, creating conditions for establishing and running a business.

To complete the offer of the project “A Woman’s Success – Version II”, an international collaboration has been undertaken to develop tools to support entrepreneurs.

Project History

One of the problems is the lack of systemic models and tools for creating women’s business networks. The report of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development “Women’s Entrepreneurship in Poland”, as a main recommendation, indicates that:

“Individualised actions are required, taking into account the extensive specificity of a given recipient: professional assistance for a given entrepreneur, guidance. It is also proposed to create support networks focusing on women entrepreneurs in the form of groups.”

ΚIn preparing the output, i.e. the methodology for the creation and operation of women’s business networks, women’s angel networks, and training in effective business presentations, we will use the experience of the Partner for the implementation of the project “Women’s Business Angel Network of South East Europe”


Project Results

The consortium is expected to achieve the project objectives through the development of a methodology for the creation and operation of women’s business networks with tools:

– methodology for the creation and operation of women’s business networks,

– a methodology for setting up a network of women business angels for micro and small enterprises,

– promotional workshop for women on effective business presentation.

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