01/01/2017 – 31/12/2018

South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network – S.E.E.W.B.A.N

Main aim of the project is the development of Women Business Angels (WBA) Networks in countries which have little or no experience in the field; Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria.

The above aim is to be satisfied through various activities which are being implemented in all partner countries as well as at EU level:

  • Identification of the success factors, the challenges and obstacles that women are facing to become business angels
  • Implementation of a strategy and proposal of concrete measures to tackle these obstacles and increase the number of WBA in the regions of the consortium
  • fostering the skills of the recruited WBAs through the delivery of training and mentoring programs
  • increase the skills of women entrepreneurs in pitching and relevant business strategies through the delivery of training
  • development of a blended training methodology (e-learning and classroom based environments) 

The project is expected to derive an exceptional impact, both at National (partners) level as well as at EU level:

  • Improvement of the access of women entrepreneurs to business angel funding
  • Increase of the volume of investment of WBA to business of women entrepreneurs
  • Improvement, through the use of training, of the skills of WBA to successfully engage in investments with WE
  • Improvement, through the use of training of the skills of the WE on successful participation in pitching Events
  • Improvement of the networking and contacts between WBAs and between WBAs, WE and important stakeholders
  • Improvement of the understanding of the obstacles and challenges that have to be dealτ with for the development of the business angel funding in the target areas of the project.
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