01/10/2020 – 30/11/2022

TuDOrs: Turning the Learning Disabilities into Opportunities

COMCY participates in the Erasmus+ project TuDOrs that aims to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers/trainers of foreign languages (FL) in teaching people with learning disabilities (LD). The project focuses on the deficient knowledge of learning disabilities, and on the promotion of a common framework, suitable teaching methods and available tools for teaching foreign languages to people with LD.

The main objectives of the project are to:

– Increase awareness of teachers/trainers of FL about LD;

– Learn innovative teaching techniques, approaches, methods and tools, in order to teach people with LD;

– Understand and improve the needs of teachers/trainers of FL who teach people with LD;

– Develop a self-assessment tool for teachers/trainers of FL.

The main results of the project are: 

  1. Compendium of existing innovative and effective practices and tools in teaching foreign languages (FL) to people with Learning Disabilities (LD);
  2. Online training program;
  3. Self-assessment tool for teachers/trainers of foreign languages (FL).

The project consortium is composed by eight experienced partners from seven countries. Along with COMCY (Cyprus), the rest of the partners come from Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Romania.

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