01.11.2023 – 31.10.2026

FOCUS: Foreign Language Opportunities for Children with Unique Skills

The project FOCUS is being implemented under the Erasmus+ program, by nine participating organizations and educational centers from Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. It aims to improve the knowledge, skills and competences of foreign language teachers, in teaching to children (6-12 years old) with learning difficulties, by using Digital Game – Based Learning method and to strengthen their soft and transversal skills regarding the inclusion of learners with learning difficulties.


  • Equip foreign language teachers with innovative teaching techniques, methods and tools to effectively teach children with learning difficulties.
  • Introduce new and innovative teaching methods like Digital – Game Based Learning to foreign language teachers.
  • Development of a Digital Database that will provide support and innovative practices to foreign language teachers, which have already been implemented in other countries.
  • Development of a training program that will promote a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning

Target groups​


  • Foreign language teachers in primary schools
  • School leaders
  • Primary schools (public and private)
  • Foreign language teachers


  • Other educational providers such as foreign languages educational organizations
  • Associations of foreign languages teachers
  • Children (6-12 years old) with learning difficulties
  • Families of children (6-12 years old) with learning difficulties
  • Organizations for people with learning difficulties
  • Professionals/experts in primary schools education
  • Professionals/experts in learning difficulties (psychologists, neurologists etc)
  • Professionals in foreign languages
  • Public authorities
  • Local, regional authorities responsible for primary education
  • Local, regional authorities for children with learning difficulties
  • Universities


  1. Digital Educational Games suitable for the age of the students (6-12 years old), which foreign language teachers will be able to use in the classroom.
  2. Online Training Program to train foreign language teachers to:
    • Identify learning difficulties.
    • Teach children with learning difficulties how to learn.
    • Become familiar with the DGBL method and how to apply it when teaching children with learning difficulties.
  3. Digital database, aiming to provide foreign language teachers with the best tools and practices for teaching children with learning difficulties.
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