28.02.2022 – 28.02.2025

i-learn4health | Health promotion and health education in children through Digital Game-Based Learning

iLearn4Health is being implemented under the Erasmus+ program, by 8 participating organizations and educational centers from Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, and Spain. It aims at providing better health education in primary schools by implementing the Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) method, while at the same time training the teachers in the theoretical aspects of the concept, as well as the digital tools of the method.


  • Enable the teachers (and children) to develop a scientific point of view of health, with reference to traditional and modern concept of health.
  • Allow teachers to provide high-quality health education by using a Curricula based on that concept.
  • Promote Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) in primary schools.

Target groups


  • Teachers and head teachers in primary schools
  • Teachers responsible for health and safety in primary schools


  • Children 6-12 years old and their parents
  • Primary schools’ teachers’ networks and organizations
  • Experts/professionals in DGBL
  • Experts/professionals in children education
  • Experts/professionals in public health & health education
  • Training institutions
  • Post-graduated students from educational sciences’ departments

Other stakeholders

  • Parenting networks and organizations
  • Organizations promoting health education
  • Organizations for children’s education
  • Public and private educational and health authorities and stakeholders
  • Universities with Departments of Educational Sciences & Departments of Medicine


The outputs of the project iLearn4Health are:
  • Electronic Diagnostic Tool to diagnose the effectiveness of the DGBL method on children’s learning.
  • Digital Educational Games for health promotion and health education in primary schools
  • Online Training Program in Health Promotion and Health Education through DGBL
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