Support Young Women and Proffessionals


01.05.2022 – 01.05.2024

Support Young Women and Proffessionals – in the field of alternative and sustainable tourism

WAST is being implemented under the Erasmus+ program, by 6 participating organizations and educational centers from Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, and Italy. It aims to empower young women and youth in the tourism sector, by engaging them in training activities for creating unique sustainable and alternative tours, involving them in their cultural heritage and supporting them in learning new skills and competencies. 


  • Support of young women graduates & students from the guiding tour and tourism sector through digital and educational tools to acquire valuable transferable skills and enhance their curricula to enter the working tourism sector
  • Foster European cooperation & new networks of collaboration in the field of youth through non-formal learning by setting up an online space where networking opportunities will take place among young professionals
  • Improve the offer of alternative forms of tour guiding and promotion of tourist destinations through an online environment that brings together young professionals and tourists
  • Promote social participation of marginalized and vulnerable groups
  • Promote the active involvement of artists, interested in the tourism sector (e.g., photographers, musicians) for increasing the percentage of tourists in the destinations involved

Target groups


  • Women graduates or students in the Tourism and guide touring sector


  • young women professionals and artists interested in the field of tourism (photographers, musicians, graphic designers), including youth from vulnerable groups¬†
  • Youth NGOs
  • NGOs for Immigrants & Refugees
  • Tourism companies & agencies
  • Tourism departments in universities and colleges
  • Labor departments (for women and immigrants)


1: #WAST Guide to provide and reinforce tourism-related skills and capacity on thematic alternative and sustainable tours through interactive and practical approaches

2: Alternative Digital Map of Resources that will constitute an online resource of essential information and directories for tourists and professionals interested in alternative and sustainable tourism, to use as reference and guidance. The map will include among others information and tips for each town/country.

3: Online Space Community, an online environment that will give opportunities to establish synergies and collaborations between and among young professionals and artists and potential tourists.

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