Sustainable personal finance decisions among young people


01.10.2023 – 31.09.2025

Sustainable personal finance decisions among young people for their financial wellbeing and sustainable impact to the world – ImpactFinance

ImpactFinance is being implemented under the Erasmus+ program, by 4 participating organizations and Universities from Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Lithuania.

The ImpactFinance project is aimed at increasing awareness and application of the synergy between sustainability and financial literacy of youth, in order to solve societal wellness challenges. This project will not only involve learning and understanding of sustainable personal finance, but also practicing and sharing what is taught.

Target groups:


  • Students from High Schools (from 15 years old)
  • Youth workers / youth organizations


  • University Students (up to 24 years old), mainly from faculty of economics or relevant
  • University teachers and lecturers, mostly from faculty of finance or relevant
  • Other finance and sustainability experts

Project Results:

PR1: Handbook of sustainable financial literacy                    

PR2: Set of Education Materials

PR3: E-learning platform

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