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KEYS! Goes to Slovenia


Our organization, which participates as a project partner in the European project KEYS! From Migrant Education to VET – Developing Key Competences, is going to attend the 4th Transnational Partners Meeting of the project in Maribor, Slovenia on September 27-29, 2023. The meeting will be hosted by the project partner, ACADEMIA, izobrazevanje in druge storitve d.o.o. The project partners, during the 3rd Transnational Partners Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus on April 2023, discussed all activities related to the development and implementation of the three project results and now they are ready to finalize any pending activities and proceed to the next steps. The main results: PR1: Online toolkit for teachers; PR2: …

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Invitation: Youth Participation for Sustainable Communities

You’re Invited! Youth Participation for Sustainable Communities

In the framework of our European project EMYS-Engaging Marginalized Youth for Sustainability and the Erasmus+ Days, a Public Debate will take place on the 12 October 2023, at 18:00 at the University of Cyprus, KOD07, room 010. The aim of the project is to empower young people and their active participation in society by taking initiatives at local, national and European level. During the project, young people from Cyprus participated in activities related to active participation and developed their own initiatives to help the local community. During the event, the film “Generation Change-Who saves the world?” will be screened, which focuses on climate change and youth action on climate change …

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InclEUsion: Immigrants with Disabilities: Giving voice and fighting Double Discrimination

Our organisation, in the framework of the European project InclEUsion, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program, is organizing an event on the promotion of social integration of migrants with disabilities. During the event InclEUsion, the results of the project will be shared and experts together with immigrants will present topics such as gaps and challenges faced by people with an immigrant background and people with disabilities in Cyprus. Lastly, people with an immigrant background and people with disabilities will share their experiences in an open discussion. The event is addressed to adult educators who are directly involved with immigrants & people with disabilities, social workers, organisations and agencies involved in educational activities for …

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TuDOrs: Improving the skills of foreign language teachers in teaching people with learning disabilities

COMCY participates in the European project TuDOrs: Turning the learning disabilities into opportunities that aims to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers of foreign languages (FL) in teaching people with learning disabilities (LD). The project also focuses on the needs and challenges that both, the learners and the teachers experience. At this stage, the project countries Cyprus, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Romania, implement focus groups, aiming to collect efficient methodologies and tools in teaching FL to people with LD (young people and adults). In Cyprus, the online focus group is going to be implemented via the online platform ZOOM, in the English language, on Friday 26th of November 2021, from 10:00 – 11:30 (CY time). The participation and contribution …

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TuDOrs: Collection of tools and practices in teaching adults with learning disabilities

The partnership of the TuDOrs Erasmus+ project is collaborating for the development of an online survey, as well as the implementation of interviews with teachers and trainers teaching foreign languages to adults with learning disabilities. Throughout these activities, the project partners are aiming to detect the most effective methods, practices and tools experts, institutions and organisations in adult education are using to teach adult learners with learning disabilities. When both activities are completed, the project members will collect the suggested tools and practices and proceed with the development and design of an online free-of-charge training programme, suitable for teachers and trainers of foreign languages. The online training programme will contain useful information …

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motivatEyoUth: Multiplier Event in Cyprus

COMCY organized a multiplier event for the motivatEyoUth Erasmus+ project that aims to support professionals working with young people (14-24), and build their capacity through competence oriented learning in preventing and reducing ESL. During the event the main results of the project were presented: Experts Programme Toolkit Online game “Journey to your Future” ICT Tool for Competence Assessment Online educational platform The event lasted 4 hours and included both presentations and activities from the results of the project. Young people and professionals working with young people participated, such as teachers, educators, youth workers, career counselors, etc.

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